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When people fall in love,they do with all their spirit, soul and body. The joy of being loved can never be found missing,neither can the trauma of losing a loved one be sometime avoided.

It was a bright saturday morning,the sun was still peeping at the earth and clouds moving here and there. Bimpe was just waking up with her face wrinkled and filled with anger like the night should never had passed away.

She was scrubbing her eye with her hands like she needed it to see well. On turning to say a good morning to joy her room mate, she was shocked to see her writing on the reading table with a smile.

This smile is unusual Bimpe thought within herself becoming puzzled as the 2nd semester examination had just been concluded and there was no reason whatsoever that should make joy read at that time.

“Hey girlfriend good morning” joy shouted with a full show of happiness as she lives the table for the toilet. Bimpe in her inquisitiveness jumped out of bed to see what joy had been writing. On getting to the table she became more confused as a whole 40 leaves notebook had been used up, and all that was written there in was Denis.

At this point, she needed to scrub her eyes even more so as to be sure she wasn’t day dreaming. Joy came out of the toilet still smiling when Bimpe adjusted her nightgown and asked “who is Denis.”

“He is just a friend” Joy answered as she packed her books and started arranging her clothes.

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“Ummm, friend you say, I hear you ohh…” Bimpe replied as she took her phone to reply some whatsapp messages.

Bimpe was busy doing this when joy asked
” What kind of cloth could best be worn to a date with ones boyfriend ”

Bimpe smiled as she began to list some nice dress code to kill a date. Infact she began to bring out some of her nice outfit with a promise to give her joy, only if she would say whom Denis was.

Joy smiled as she folded her arm swinging at a point, she was about talking about the 5 month old secret relationship when she received a call from an unknown number. She bounced the call twice before bimpe persuaded her to pick it.

She had not spent two minute on the call when she slumped on the bed and fainted. Bimpe rushed at her, she tried the number that called her but it was switched off. She ran to the next room to call some friends who rushed joy to the hospital.

Joy was unconscious for some days as she laid on a iron bed in the school clinic. Friends came to check on her and Bimpe was there closely observing when the so called denis would come around. She asked every guy that came in his name but found none whose name started with “D” not to talk of bearing Denis.

At 1:00am in the mid night, joy woke up and began to shout, “dial the number again” the nurse who didn’t understand called bimpe to attend to her friend.

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Immediately Bimpe heard what she said, she reached for the phone and dialed the number, it rang but when the person picked, it was …….

To Be Continued.