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Welcome as usual to another interesting but crucial discuss section on Naijaclass.com

I want to say I am pleased to have you here once again and hope you enjoy your stay in the few minutes you will be spending here.

Before me today is a crucial and important topic that calls for urgent attention in the present day world.

• There are so many families crashing in silence,

• So many families going through divert threats of collapse,

• So many children are loosing it because of their family issues,

• Many are scared of marriage because they have seen enough in their family.

From experience I have seen a lot and infact it could make a novel.

I don’t know how you are reading this article today, either as a wife or husband, as a mother or father or even a child.

One thing I want you to know is that your family no matter the crisis at hand can be better again.

There is no storm that remains for life, it comes and definitely goes.

From afar, people look at your family and envy you with the hope that you are doing fine, unknowing to them that a lot is going on underground.

There are so many family issues that I can’t even mention all in this post, I have heard about

1. Lack of Trust and Understanding among parents lead to family war

2. I have seen infidelity on the wife or husband part cause chaos in the family

3. I have seen family issues spring up as a result of inheritance

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4. Family problems have been raised due to spiritual attacks

5. Some is as a result of hatred from In-laws

6. Some comes with the problem of being a single parent.

7. Some because of poor financial status.

When the family crash the community crashes, when the community crashes, the local government crashes and it continues like this, not only the country will crash but world will be made desolate.

It is a pity that so many children a going crazy because of their family problems,

They are not free with friends because of the war seated at home,

Some has become lifeless and street wards because of a family issue that never ended.

No matter who you are and what you are in your family today, as far as you are reading this article today, I put it to you that the responsibility of restoring your family to the normal position is on you.

You are not reading this by mistake, it is because God has you to use for your family.

You are not made to go through emotional trauma,

It is not interesting to live around problems,

Somebody needs to stand and take responsibility. Somebody can be an agent of change and it now not just one person, it is one man/woman to his/her family and it is you to your family.

There is need for the restoration of that peace and joy that things started with,

Marriage or family is not to be endured,

It is your right to be happy and joyful in it.

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I won’t want to talk on a large aspect and not hit the point.

The must be a solution and it is before you, of you can embrace it, you will be grateful to yourself forever.

Don’t shy away from this, take the bull by the horn, if your parents are weak or are not in good terms take the responsibility of bringing them back, if things crashes finally, you might not forgive yourself.

It is a call to action.

I want to specific in my answers and meet your demand so let’s make it easy, just drop. Comment on the issues your family is going through and I will reply you immediately with optimum follow up.

I would have talked generally on how to tackle it but I might not cover your own issue because I don’t know it.

You can remain anonymous, don’t take a second thought, let’s end it now.