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Wow! A group of primary school pupils at Anuban La-ngu primary school in Satun province, Thailand  on 21st June staged a peaceful protest against their lazy teacher who was always neglecting her duties.

That morning the student got to school on time waiting for their teacher, Miss Chantana Sutaphanit arrival, at the site of her car around the school premises, the pupils surrounded her car, holding their placards. some of the statements seen were as follow;
Primary School Pupils Protest Against Lazy Teacher

“Teacher Kru Chantana, get out!”

“I don’t want to study with teacher Kru Chantana”

“I’m not a brat”

“Why do you have my kid massage you during school hours?” the pupil were demanding that the school expels the teacher.

Following the incident, a top official from the provincial education department visited the school to listen to the parents’ complaints about the teacher, and numerous complaint were laid, which includes; Using profanity in front of the kids, cursing at the pupils, poking the children with sharp pencils, neglecting her duty by talking on the phone all day etc.

It seems the kids got what they wanted, the teacher was suspended temporarily as further investigation is ongoing. Amazing right?

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