The just concluded 2018 JAMB mock exam was a success. We hope the main exam will record a much better success.

Based on the feedback we got from the JAMB 2018 Mock Exam Live Updates via our WhatsApp chat thread, we’ve come up with some important points all candidates should take note of ahead of the main examination.
JAMB Mock Experience 2018 - Tips To Help You During The Main Exam

We believe this will help you know how best to tackle the main exam which comes up on March 9th.

For the benefit of doubt, there will be 180 questions; 60 for English, 40 for each of the other subjects.

The time given for the exam is 120 Minutes (2 hours). Candidates are expected to answer all the questions on the four subjects they registered within the given time.

If you are using the keyboard, here are the most important keys;

N – To move to the next question
P – To go back to the previous question
A – To select option A on a question
B – To select option B on a question
C – To select option C on a question
D – To select option D on a question
S – To submit your exam (Be Careful)
R – To Cancel Submit (and RETURN)

All the above will be stated before you start the exam, so you should read instructions properly before starting.

Please note that there are things that the Keyboard method does not offer you. In this case, you must use your Mouse (or track-pad). These are;

1. If you need to switch from one subject to another. Like if you want to answer a particular subject before going to another.
2. If you need to use the on-screen calculator at the top right corner of your screen.

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Candidates taking subjects that involve calculations are also advised to go along with a pencil and a copy or two of their exam slip incase JAMB fails to provide plain sheet for rough calculations. JAMB is serious about the prohibited items. So ensure you do not go into the hall with such items.

Also note that due to logistics issues, the exam may commence later than expected as witnessed during the mock. This does not mean you should not go to the exam centre at least 30 minutes before the time stipulated on your Exam Slip. However, be sure to eat before going and go along with some cash in case of eventuality.

If there is any point you think we left out, kindly state it on the comment section.

Goodluck Everyone!