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Time- Plan – Prayer – Patience – faith. The result is success. How? It’s because with “God all things are possible”.

Its very important and essential in the life of an individual.

There’s time for everything including when to read ,to eat, to play, to perambulate and hang out!

Time does not wait for anyone, you are the one who should control the time. Time ,Time its uncontrollable never
say you’ll read tomorrow when you have an exam in the next two days.

Start now, ‘cos the way you lay your bed its how you’re going to lay on it.

Its simply a schedule budgeted on what you’re going to do according to your heart wishes compulsively or uncompulsively. Planning helps a lot.

Let me use myself as an example, I love to plan, the reason is it helps me Win. With plans I can never fail my test, with plans I can never forget when exams are fast approaching, with plans I know when to wash and when to eat also when to chat, mix with friends to flex.

When you are responsible and smart on track.
You can never lose. Those who plan to read at night are
they foolish? No.

Some don’t plan .. Its only when they have exams coming they read! Plan, plan, plan; it’s the beginning of breakthrough .

Prayer its simply a description of a relationship pronounced intimately with seriousness and dedication with all of your heart to the creator (God).
“Prayer” is the master key! Its the only true key that unlocks every doors .

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I don’t know what exactly you’re currently facing in life but all I know is that you shall surely excel in life?
Brethren, students don’t take off your mind from God.
I swear to you God helps a lot. “Seek forth the kingdom of God first and every other thing you ask shall be
added unto you” Is it success in your exams, you want
an admission ? Tell God, pray to him.
He doeth everything you dream of. Prayer is very essential.

Its a delay, an endurance believing that someday Bad will surely turn Good and Worst will turn Better.
I don’t know what you might be waiting for patiently but I know and believe that the reason for your patience will not bring you bad luck! Delay its not a denial.

Job was patient ..he had that belief he will accomplish his blessings again.
Students, if you have failed so many times, sit back and think. Think where and when and how? Oh!
Those things you failed ? Did you go back to them to make corrections?

Don’t be in a haste to go to the next level. When you haven’t made an amendment with the past! Please be patient and try again!

Patience its very important especially now you’re still young but while waiting behave well because “Heaven
help those who help themselves”.

Our Ancient father was a man of faith! Why are you turning off from faith? If father Abraham didn’t have faith, he’s living on earth will be barren.
You want to make good grades. But you keep depending on expo. What happened to you and your brain? Who created it? Was it just created for a camouflage? Why didn’t you read and put on faith? Faith, faith doeth more than you’ve expected.

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Father Abraham had faith even when God put up a test,
Father Abraham didn’t do an expo. Did he run with Isaac? Or went to hide Isaac? No! He read well.. And went for the test. Unexpectedly for him, while proceeding to do what has been instructed wonders did happen on that mount he was.
The strange part of it was the Ram that was later used for the sacrifice, how did it managed to climb the mountain?
Faith did it.

Finally, I’ll use this opportunity to motivate you to have a re-think and abide by these laws stated! And by the grace of God, your effort will not be in vain!
God bless you all.