Inspirational: 20 Success Provoking Quotes That Will Help You Scale Higher In Life

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Making it great in life is not a battle for the weak, neither is it for the lazy but for those who are determined and focused. Fulfilling destiny is a task you must take up right from your childhood because the quest begins at birth.

The great and high flying icons you see today once had a rough past but because they foresee the smooth future ahead, they refused to retire but desired to refire and now we aspire to be like them. nothing they say goes for nothing. If you so desire to seat with great men, you must strive to be a great man.

I will be giving out 20 success provoking quotes that I have taken time to draft. They are things I will also be meditating on because as you pursue greatness in life, I also strive to be greater. Most of us are willing and hungry for greatness but we need somebody to motivate and bring out that greatness in us.

Below are these 20 quotes, they are properly arranged for your use and impartation.

1. ” Your ability to stand the test of today is your only pass to entering the shining glory of tomorrow ”

2. ” If your name must be heard all over the world tomorrow, then you must bury yourself to be made now. ”

3. ” Striving to make a difference in the world is one of the best but beginning with yourself will make it the best. ”

4. ” The future that seems to be lying ahead is just a product of yesterday and today, it doesn’t form itself. ”

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5. ” Every great idea of your mind without an action is nothing but a gold beneath the ground yet to be discovered. ”

6. ” Reaching greatness in life is never a product of sitting but the result of stretching or jumping if need be. ”

7. ” To always study is to over come ignorance,
To always revise is to overcome forgetfulness,
To never give up is to overcome fear,
To keep moving is to overcome stagnancy ”

S – strictly
T – tracing
U – understanding
D – destroying the
Y – yoke of ignorance ”

9. ” If the world must celebrate you, then you must not quit when they castigate you. ”

10. ” Lot of things happen by mistake but none should every occur as a result of your foolishness. ”

11. ” Life contains diverse people but relationship brings all together, never underestimate any because it is just a small world, you might meet again”

12. ” Never pretend to be who you are not because your moment of pretense might be when your true identity will pave way for you. ”

13. ” Attaining success in life is not just the product of much wisdom but the presence of a determined and strong mind to keep moving even when situations hurts ”

14. ” The ability to become great lies within you but how to fish it out the greatness is what you go out to seek ”

15. ” Striving to impress others does not add to your prestige nor reduce it only but reduce even you. ”

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16. ” The most respected people in life are not those who do more of talking but those who do more of thinking and observations. ”

17. ” Life is a school and experience is a teacher, when you skip a lecture it will tell on your future. ”

18. ” One of the secret of great men is that ‘ for every plan A, there is a plan B and for every plan B there is a plan C and even the plan C has a plan D ‘ it is all a secret to never get stranded. ”

19. ” Always try to leave your signature on the heart of men for good because the good you do today will follow your for life. ”

20. ” A river that forgets its source will dry up, God is your source, avoid getting dry. ”

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