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One of the most beautiful moments in ones life is that moment when one approaches the alter holding hands with that one person you believe will give you the joy of love you had never experienced in your life.

There are lot of couples who are young but getting it wrong. Yes, before marriage they where the envy of people but afterwards, it was another story entirely. You can never know the real colour of a person till you begin to stay under thesame roof.

Everybody has the right to be happy but not everybody are made to make you happy. Maybe we should go back to the foundation of love which is the first marriage.

God said unto Adam, this is the bone of your bone, the flesh of your flesh. They were meant to be. Even though they latter had an issue which was as a result of Adams carelessness. When a man becomes too busy to seat with his wife, he is indirectly opening doors to problem.

So as I was saying, to build the marriage of your dreams, you must

1. Choose The Right Person :

When you end up in marriage with a wrong person there will be problem. Marriage is not dating, it is a lifetime journey and you must be careful whom you journey with.

Never be carried away by looks, there are lots of problems hiding under beautiful and handsome faces. Never allow infatuation, involve God and when you are with the right person, you will know.

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2. Say No To Intruders :

Yes ! There are lot of marriages that has been ruined by intruders and intruders here might be families,friends,some leaders etc.

When you have issues, settle it together and if it is complicated, tell it to God. Sometimes we harm ourselves by taking matters out and then get nasty ideas.

My dad ones told me that when you report family issues to friends, they will tell you if they were in your shoes they do this and that but whereas what they are facing at home is worst than yours.

3. Uphold Trust And Understanding :

This two things are very crucial in every marriage. When there is trust then the problem is reduced.

When understanding crowns it up then things are settled. Trust your spouse, forget the past he or she had and focus on the better things ahead.

Listen to their point of view and side of the matter, try to understand them, don’t shout at eachother.

4. Be Available :

Don’t be carried way by things. Human are naturally jealous. Always be there for eachother, remember Adam was just going up and down when lucifer came to Eve.

Time when they ought to seat and talk,plan to be strong Adam went out and when you search deep,it might not be for something serious. Maybe to sight see.

Marriage is not just for baby making but for companionship. But when your spouse don’t find you avaiable, he/she can go out.

Marriage is not issues free but we can always fight together. When the marriage is aright, the family will be cool.