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I recommend all the jambites to read this to the end.


1. Reprinting of JAMB exam slip started 04-04-2019. It contains your exam centre, date and time.
2. You can print the exam slip at any cyber cafe with only #150 or #200 service charge. You can also check it with your phone if you can’t print right away now and later any time before the exam date so don’t rush.
N/B: print 2 or 3 copies for reference purpose..
3. JAMB exams will start from 11th of April and May end on 17th..
4. Make sure you are at your exam centre at Least 1 hour before your exam time.
5. Materials to come with into the exam Hall is only the reprinted exam slip and pencil.
For science students, There will be a mini calculator on the system for calculation. Sheet of paper will also be given to you for solving.

6. Start with the subject you know best first…
7. Answer the questions you Know very well first. Skip the questions you don’t know too well, you can go back to it when you are done with all the questions you Know in each subject.
Don’t waste much time on the question you don’t Know well.
8. JAMB questions is always easy if you read very well, so relax your mind as you go into the exam Hall.

9. It comprises of four subjects
English — 60 questions for 40 minutes
2nd Subject — 40 questions for 27 minutes
3rd Subject — 40 questions for 27 minutes
4th Subject — 40 questions for 26 minutes
That makes it a total of 180 questions for 2 hours.
10. Use
40 seconds to answer each question.
11.. 10 questions will
be coming out from the book ‘sweet sixteen’ by Bolaji abdulahi.
12. JAMB had made their exams very easy for their candidate since 2017 by using 8 keys on the keyboard.
Once you start your exams, need for mouse again. You can use the keyboard to answer your questions…

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A – For option A
B – For option B
C – For option C
D – For option D
N – For Next Question
P – For Previous Question
R- to review all your questions.

When you are done with your exam,
Click S – to Submit.