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Maybe I should start by clarifying that this is not a marriage article. These days when we hear the issue of choosing a partner,we are too quick to think it to the marital aspect.

Every living person on this planet earth carries a destiny, even you reading this article, you carry a destiny, a future and a purpose. There is something that has been foretold about you. A word had gone before your birth concerning your existence.

God told Jeremiah; “before you were born I chose thee to speak for me to the nations”

In the case of John the baptist, a word had already gone before his birth about the voice of a man in the wilderness, same with samson,samuel, daniel, jesus and even you.

Most times its is not audible or loud but spiritually a destiny and a purpose has be assigned to your existence. There is no man created without a destiny to fulfill but the problem comes during the journey or quest to achieving this destiny.

Many people desire to achieve destiny, they are fully ready to give it what it takes but they make the mistake of their life in the choice of who to journey with.

Let make an illustration with a story.

Once upon a time, a man called his son and told him, ” I have hid some money in the farm for you, if you go and find it, it is yours and yours forever. But due to the danger on then road to the farm and to help you find it, pick either ME or MY FRIEND or ONE OF YOUR OWN FRIENDS to follow you.

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This is just a replica of what you are in. You are the son, God is the father. Do you know that a wise son will choose to journey with the father?

Maybe I should as, who have you been trailing the journey of destiny with?
Can you say you are a wise son?

Most people has decided to journey with their friends and after an long tour comes back to say “father follow me.” But what about the time wasted?

The best partner you can journey with is God through Jesus. He has taken a lot of people through that journey, yours is not the first neither will it be the last.

Don’t let a friend who hasn’t gotten his own bearing mislead you or then devil who is condemned already cheat you. Choose to journey with Jesus, he knows where you are going and so will tell you where to pass and where not to. Be sure not to run ahead of him,understand he is the one in charge of the staring,accident is not possible.

Remember the thought he has for you is that of good and not evil. Seek Jesus Today and journey Right.

He will not only lead you to destiny but back home which is heaven.