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The 2017 JAMB UTME registration is gradually coming to an end with almost all the prospective candidates already registered. It is expected that by now, candidates are to focus on how to prepare adequately and get the best out of the examination.

However, that seems not to be the case as most of the candidates have a more critical problem at hand which is; selection of wrong UTME subject combinations during registration.

In case most of you do not know, choosing a wrong UTME subject combination for the course you applied for, automatically disqualifies you from gaining admission into that course unless you change to a course that can go with the UTME subject combination you earlier selected.

Now, despite the information and the JAMB brochure we made available to enable candidates make the right choices, some candidates still ignorantly selected wrong UTME subjects for their choosing courses of study. That’s unfortunate.

However, there are some other candidates that the mistake did not directly come from but from the operators of the registration centres where they registered. Most of the registration centres did not give candidates the time to go through their selections before submission due to the number of candidates waiting to be registered.

It is majorly because of this set of candidates, we think JAMB should grant candidates the opportunity to effect changes not only in their courses and institutions this year but also in their UTME subject combinations.

In previous years, JAMB only allows changes in candidates’ selected courses of study and institutions but with the alarming rate of complaints concerning selection of wrong UTME subjects this year, JAMB should please consider allowing candidates effect the needed changes in their subject combinations or else many candidates will be denied admission into their chosen courses of study.

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But what could be the reason JAMB do not allow changes in subject combinations?

We do not know the reason. But we suggest that what ever may be the reason, it should be addressed so candidates would henceforth be able to do so.