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The romantic relationships are very important for everyone. The person you’re in love with makes your life brighter and happier. This is one of the most major areas of our life. Perhaps, you’re not going to buy wedding rings yet and your parents haven’t met yet. Are your relationships at the very beginning? You must be crazy about each other and always give funny or cute names each other. Chose the best romantic names for boyfriend, some may suit to girlfriend too.


Many of us know about these couples who are oblivious to everyone and everything around them. They’re hugging, kissing, fawning over each other. But the craziest part when they call each other romantic names. Their relatives are gloriously happy and the single friends sigh dreaming about the same love. Maybe we have ever been this couple! So, let’s assume you know how to call our soul mate to make him or her blush.

But if that’s not enough, here’s sweet nicknames for boyfriend and girlfriend. Your beloved will certainly appreciate one of them.

  1. If your soul mate is gentle and romantic, and if you are just lovebirds who can’t live without each other, chose these names: Sweetheart, My love, Love of my life, One and Only, My beloved, My Precious Pearl, Darling, My life, My Adorable, My Happiness, Goddess, Hearty, True Love, My Angel, Heartthrob, My everything, Woman/Man of my Dream, The Best Man/Woman in the World, Heart’s Desire, Dream Angel, My passion, My precious, My Little Darling, Light of my life, Apple of My Eye.
  2. If you’re not a big fan of lofty speeches but you just want to express your love in nice words: Baby, Sweet, My sweetie, Sunshine, Beauty, Bunny, Honey bunny, My number one, Baby doll, Sugar, My sweet, Honey, Prince/Princess, Wonderful flower, Smoochy, Dove, Sugar Lips, Lady Love, Chica, Beautiful, Honey Bun, Doll Face, Sweet Potatoe.
  3. Does your soul mate like jokes? Use pet names for him/her adding bunny, tiger, cat, lion, rabbit. You will get Michael bunny, Michael tiger, Michael lion and so on. You can also call your beloved Bear, Lion, Bunny, Tiger, and he will like it.
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The sweet names for boyfriend in English

All these nicknames are certainly nice and fun. They allow to show tenderness and respect for our partner. What should we do if our soul mate doesn’t like all these “hearts and flowers”, especially when it comes to men?

The psychologist claim that most men don’t like pet names. However, we all know even the manliest men are similar to children and want to hear sweet words, especially from beloved woman. Surprise him with nice name without prejudice to his male ego. Here’s the list of names for boyfriend:

  • My King
  • My Lion
  • Man of my dreams
  • Dream Guy
  • My Hero
  • Captain
  • Casanova
  • Handsome
  • Cowboy
  • Honey Bear
  • Heart Breaker
  • Flame
  • Hercules
  • Honey Bee
  • Heartthrob
  • Main Man
  • My smart guy
  • Zorro
  • Tiger
  • My Superstar
  • The strongest man in the world
  • Robin Hood
  • Mr. Cool
  • Mr. Perfect
  • Prince Charming

When two people love, they sincerely say to each other nice words. To improvise is the favorite thing for lovebirds. Sometimes, a made-up pet nickname for girlfriend or boyfriend is even nicer than old “sweetie, dear, bunny, honey and so on.” Perhaps, you have a good sense of humor. Well, in that case your boyfriend or girlfriend would appreciate such names as Pumpkin, My Little Cabbage, Teddy, Chipmunk, Wolfie, My Fluffy Panda and so on. Love each other and use only nice words in the relationships.

Our words, by the way, are directly related to the relationships with our soul mate. It is well known that a family where husband and wife offend and humiliate each other is self-defeating. And the people who say to each other kind words, fall in love with each other more and more.