6 Things You Do Not Know About Yourself (No 4 Will Shock You)

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Talking about individuality, we are all made special and wonderful with great attributes that distinct us from every other person around.
It is certain that most times when we see others do something that earns them award or recognition, we forget who and what we are, the greatness we also carry and want to be like them.
May I put this to you today that the best you can be is yourself. There is something in you that people want to tap from.  You are resourceful and an embodiment of exploits. Take time to discover yourself and you will see yourself flying high.

Below are 6 Marvelous Things You Do Not Know About Yourself.

1. You Are Gifted :
See, forget that you can not sing, dance, write or talk, there is something in you that weighs far more than this.
Mac Zuckerberg never had a singing or dancing gift but he had one thing which is initiating ideas. That might be yours.

Bill Gates was never an artist or artiste but he had a gift of creativity. That might also be yours.

Let me inform you, everybody has got a gift. To some two, to some one and to some many but no matter the condition, at least one has been kept within you.
The difference between someone who acknowledges that he has a gift and someone who doesn’t is the ability to discover.

2. You Are Better Than Somebody :
Forget about discrimination or building of pride, no matter how worst your condition can be, you are better than not just someone but some people.

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You need to start seeing yourself a king or Queen in your world.
That little defect you think you have and seem like its going to crash your whole world is what somebody or some people somewhere are praying for because their situation is worst.

3. You Are Not a Failure :
This is one thing you do not know about yourself that I will want you to know. As far as you can read this article this minute and you are alive, no matter your condition, I say to you that you are not a failure.
You are a success as far as you live because everyday is a chance to right your wrongs, dust your legs and aim higher.
Yes, you had made some errors in the past, you had fumbled in an exam, relationship or behaviour but hear it well, IT IS IN THE PAST.
Don’t live on it. It is a bridge you have got to cross, if you didn’t cross it well, look at the mistake you made and learn from them because there are more bridges ahead.

4. You Are Lazy :
Yes, I already said this will shock you.

It is very natural that our body does not want to work. Maybe I should point out one or two examples so you can see what I am trying to say.

As it ever occurred to you that there are times when you have got lots of things on your To-do list that you have to attend to but naturally as we will say, looking at them alone might make you want to procrastinate.

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To be sincere with you all, if we base everything in our lives on nature,we won’t make head way in life because,

» Naturally you need to rest
» Naturally the body doesn’t want stress
» Naturally you shouldn’t be the one to take responsibility for some things
» Naturally you should be served and so

 Naturally you are lazy.
Life do not give you what you deserve but what you decide.

5. You Are Responsible For Your Life :
It is so painful that many people don’t know this.
What ever happens to you in life will not be blamed on anybody else but you.
You were born alone and you are expected to battle life alone. Do not give people right to rule or pattern your life wrongly.
Avoid putting blame of whatever happens to you on others. Be independent, take responsibility and at the end be proud to say you ” Fought To Success. ”

6. You Are Strong :

It is uncalled for if you say you are weak. In fact it is a displacement of personality and identity to accept that you are weak.
We all fall, at some point, even great men fall but what distinguish you is your strength to rise again.  There is a measure of strength in you that you must discover and push to work.

You have the strength to do greater things. Do not give in to treats or life.


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