11 positive attitudes to keep you motivated to study As A Student

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Motivation according to my research,  is the activation goal oriented behavior that arouses an individual to take a coordinated set of active step towards a desired goal or objective.

The ability to get motivated to study can have a very positive effect on a student’s study levels and grades. A motivated student will find it easier to go the extra mile and do all the necessary tasks that need to be done to assure success. The right motivation will allow students to study a lot more focused and with more concentration. Motivating yourself to study is especially helpful when you feel a lack of motivation or face procrastination during your studies. The following are 11 positive attitudes to keep you motivated to study. 

1) There is always a way. You are stronger than anything standing in your way. Because you have a purpose that cannot be denied.
Often that purpose is difficult and inconvenient to follow. Yet it is never impossible to follow.
There is always a way. If the path you’re on is blocked, look for another route, because it is surely there.

2) You have only one live. This Simply mean You Should Take Your Chance As It comes.

3) learn tools of the trade (study skills) like Active listening, reading comprehension, notetaking, stress management, time management, testing taking, and memorization.

4) Always keep the right attitude. Always choose a positive attitude, When things aren’t going your way, keep a positive attitude by visualizing yourself succeeding

5) Never compare yourself to someone else. Comparing yourself to others’ accomplishments is a losing battle that will take you down a never-ending spiral. So learn to stop the attitude of comparing yourself with others. You are you.

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6) Feel good about yourself. It is important that you feel good about yourself. More and more scientific evidence points towards a significant link between how you feel about yourself and your overall health and sense of well-being. Scientists have proven that feelings of inferiority have the capacity to pave the way to illness or disease. On the other hand, if you feel good about yourself , have a positive outlook, and maintain an active involvement in life, you’re more likely to be happy and healthy.

7) Dismantle obstacles. This can be achieved with constantly playing against any obstacles that may stand your way against your success.

8) Always work hard. Success has always been the result of hardworking, so always work to actualize your setting goals.

9) Continuously challenge yourself. According to Anthony Robinson. What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies ahead of us. So constantly challenge yourself in line with your studies.

10) Always have a sense of urgency. This simple mean, you should fast in getting things done in order to achieve your goals. There is a quote that says. IF YOU DON’T MOVE FAST, YOU  GET  RUN  OVER. so always develop the sense of urgency in your studies.

11) Be focused. The ability to concentrate and use your time well is everything accounting to Robert A

How To become Motivated To Study 
i) How bad do you really want to succeed? Answering this question is foundation of all motivation.

ii) You must have a study goal. There is short term goals Eg about an upcoming exam or long term goals for your final examination.

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iii) One step at a time, stop bombard your brain with too many things at a time and avoid procrastination because it kills time.

iv) Beat procrastination and distraction, cut off any kind of distraction like TV, Radio, Mobile phone, Internet, gisting that could interrupt you while studying

I believe if the above are well practice and implementation, the result will be extremely positive. Thanks.

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